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add missing files, sooo sorry

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set -e
set -x
gzip -cd "/tmp/flask-training-api.gz" | docker load
docker stop flask-training-api-{$FLAVOR} || true
sleep 10
docker kill flask-training-api-{$FLAVOR} || true
set +x
echo "running docker run [hidden secrets]"
docker run -d --rm -p{$PORT}:8080 \
-e FLASK_SENTRY_CONFIG__environment="{$FLAVOR}" \
--name flask-training-api-{$FLAVOR} flask-training-api:latest
mkdir .ssh
set +x
echo "$ID_RSA" > .ssh/id_rsa
echo "$ID_RSA_PUB" > .ssh/
echo "$KNOWN_HOSTS" > .ssh/known_hosts
set -x
chmod 600 .ssh/*
from raven.contrib.flask import Sentry
def setup(app):
if app.config['SENTRY_CONFIG']['environment'] in ['production', 'staging']:
print('Sentry started with environment "{}"'.format(app.config['SENTRY_CONFIG']['environment']))
print('Sentry not started due to environment "{}"'.format(app.config['SENTRY_CONFIG']['environment']))
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