Commit 9a00484b authored by Pawel Boening's avatar Pawel Boening Committed by Leonard Marschke

long inputs added

parent a1685454
......@@ -35,5 +35,17 @@ class TestFuzzing(BaseTest):
def test_unrecognized_command(self):
self.assertResponse(500, 'FAIL\r\n')
def test_small_input(self):
fuzzy_input = 'A' * 10**1
self.assertResponse(500, '{}\r\n'.format(fuzzy_input))
def test_big_input(self):
fuzzy_input = 'A' * 10**3
self.assertResponse(500, '{}\r\n'.format(fuzzy_input))
def test_huge_input(self):
fuzzy_input = 'A' * 10**6
self.assertResponse(500, '{}\r\n'.format(fuzzy_input))
def test_sentry_issue_49(self):
self.assertResponse(500, b'\xff\xf4\xff\xfd\x06' + "\r\n".encode('ASCII'))
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